Well one thing is for sure I am going to have considerably more time on my hands for things over the coming weeks and months!! Given that ALL my paid work has been cancelled for the foreseeable future…. meaning, because I am self employed I get nothing unless I sign on!! So in an effort to stay positive and to keep the creative juices flowing I have revamped my TyddynBryn website and created this one!! I hope to add activities over the coming weeks which we have tried here at home to hopefully inspire anyone interested!

The activities will be nature based in some way most likely and hopefully inspire you to get the kids outside!!

I will try and add a list of what the possible learning outcomes are, but remember now is not the time to worry over these, it is the time to have fun, enjoy spending time with the small people we have created and possibly connect with the natural world around us in this time of social distancing!

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