So its raining….. well we do live in Wales… and its half term….  and we are locked down again.  

We have two exceedingly active small boys here on the smallholding, feeding the animals didnt cut it today, so we got kitted out in our proper all weather gear and went for a walk in the rain!!




The boys adore all forms of water unless it is intended to clean them of an evening…

This puddle is always the deepest and longest after a good spell of rain.  I saved it till last on our walk purposefully as I knew they would overfill their boots.  They returned to the house squelching and happy!


Did you know this year the puddle jumping contest has gone online?! 

Well the BBC shared a video about it the other day. 

I think we might just have to have a go and enter!!

muddy puddle jumping

Puddle Jumping Competition

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