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Do you want to get your kids outdoors more?

Do you wish you knew more about the outdoors to answer all the kids’ questions?

Do you want to have happy, tired kids at the end of the day?

Do you want the children to get more fresh air and less tech time?

Then keep reading!!

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Activities Ideas from the Blog

Tried and tested activities for the children you can try at home!

In Depth Activity Packs

Do you Home Ed your kids or just need a few more ideas on a certain topic to cater to their interests?  Head on over to the Resources shop and see what we have in there!

“Our first day at Traed Bach Mwdlyd and it was fantastic.  Lots to do, very friendly hosts and just a great time to be had.  Would absolutely recommend anyone to go and have some outside fun”


“Excellent programme of fantastic activities that relate to the yearly cycle in nature and culture.”

For the Year in the Outdoors Curriculum.

K Jones

“Relaxed, Friendly and informal”  

“A very good course, lots of different ideas of how to use and promote wellbeing in the outdoors”

“Nice that included wellbeing for us as educators”

Wellbeing in the Outdoors Course

Policies, procedures, terms and conditions!

Click here for all our policy documentation

“Curiosity is, in great and generous minds, the first passion and the last”

See some of our Previous sessions!

Have a look at our Gallery of photos of some of our previous sessions!

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