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Are you looking at taking your learning outside more?

Do you want to learn more about teaching outdoors? 

Do you want your staff or schools to teach the children outside more?

We can offer support and training for staff development, risk assessment and site development and planning.

Browse our available sessions below or contact us for a bespoke experience!


Getting Started Outdoors

A workshop session with staff as an INSET day or twilights, looking at your outdoor environment, brainstorming and developing an outdoor mindset.


This INSET also looks at and supports the Wellbeing of the staff throughout, linking it to the benefits of being in the Outdoors.

Cost £250 for a day inclusive of certain resources.

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Elevate Your Outdoor Learning

Has your setting started down the path of Outdoor Learning?  Has it started to tail off or become a bit staid?

Our INSET day could help to reinfuse the outdoor learning with enthusiasm and vigour!

This session is completely bespoke to your setting and content will be planned in discussion with you, but could include how to develop growing areas, developing wildlife areas, planting areas, using planting to demarcate areas, structures.  As well as brainstorming planning and activities, trying out a few new ones and hopefully refiring the creative processes!

Cost £500, which includes, a pre INSET visit, a follow up visit for a twilight session 6 to 12 months later, as well as access to support throughout the year, via email/messages or additional session (which are at an additional cost)

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Boy walking the dog

Supporting ALN in the Outdoors

As a teacher of 12+ years in a Special school, working across the age ranges Ellie found a huge difference between providing activities outside and those in the classroom.  The children were different, they developed transferable skills, things that were hard for them to grasp inside seemed to develiop more easily in the outdoors.

This workshop looks at

  • Risk assessment
  • What to plant when you have eaters of everything
  • Developing a garden for the senses
  • Transferring activities outside 
  • Taking a holistic approach to activities, breaking them down and seeing how many cross curricular skills are actually packed in!

Cost is variable, please get in contact to discuss your needs.

“Amazing sessional ideas with great links to the curriculum.  The ideas could be used as they are or used and easily tweaked according to the learners.  Great ideas.  I will definitely use again in the future.”

B Jenkins


“Excellent programme of fantastic activities that relate to the yearly cycle in nature and culture.”

For the Year in the Outdoors Curriculum.

K Jones

“Relaxed, Friendly and informal”  

“A very good course, lots of different ideas of how to use and promote wellbeing in the outdoors”

“Nice that included wellbeing for us as educators”

Wellbeing in the Outdoors Course

stickman and his family

Site Development

We can help you develop your site for Outdoor learning.

  • Site Planning
  • Risk assessment
  • Curriculum implementation
  • Planting
  • Building small structures
  • and much more….

This can be done as part of twilights and INSET with staff or with groups of children within the school.  Maybe a project your older pupils might like to take to develop areas for their younger peers, younger children might like to create wildlife areas and everyone loves to grow!

Costs vary depending on requirements

Click to see a portfolio of some of our work

stickman and his family

Wellbeing in the Outdoors

We can help you develop your outdoor learning provision to better support the wellbeing of the children you cater for.

This can be done as part of twilights or as an INSET with staff at your setting.

This day covers the legislation and requirements we need to meet as educators and a number of practical activities to enable you to get going straight away once back in the setting.

Costs £250 (for 1 trainer, £500 for 2)

Click to see a portfolio of some of our work

stickman and his family

Speech and Language in the Outdoors

Are you looking for novel ways to support the speech and language development of your children?  Look no further.  Ellie has a number of speech and language related qualifications including a BSc hons in Human Communication and a number of years of working with children with significant ALN which have helped her develop the skills to support you to develop speech, language and communication skills in the outdoors.  You may even want to use the ideas indoors too!  a combination of practical and written/presented work.

    Costs £200 plus resources for the day of INSET

    Click to see a portfolio of some of our work

    Have a look below at what some of our participants have had to say about our courses.

    “Excellent content and presentation, very inspirational.”

     “A breath of fresh air.  Great to have time to explore the possibilities for teaching and learning in the outdoors”

    Elevate your Outdoor Learning @ Ysgol Hafodwenog


     “I can really see how the children would be inspired to learn in such a wonderful environment and with brilliant ideas”

    “Thankyou, it was like being a child again” 

    Elevate your Outdoor Learning @ Ysgol Penboyr

    “Really interesting and well presented.”

    “Made us think outside the box”

    “The opportunities outside are much ore vast than first anticipated.”

    Elevate your Outdoor Learning @ Ysgol Brynsaron

    Some of our other courses!

    “Curiosity is, in great and generous minds, the first passion and the last”

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