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The new curriculum is arriving here in Wales and the Four Purposes are driving this curriculum.  In creating ambitious capable learners, supporting healthy confident individuals, developing enterprising creative contributors and in developing ethical informed citizens.

Is your vision for your setting to get the children learning outside as much as they are inside?

Our Traed Bach Mwdlyd Outreach Programme is up and running!

Any theme or topic can be adapted for the outdoors and a bespoke session can be arranged for your setting.  For DIP days, immersion days or weeks, for a termly topic launch we can support you to get the learning outside and inspire the children!  Most of our sessions can take place within the school grounds, so no travel is necessary!

We can also offer support and training for staff development, risk assessment and site development and planning.

Browse our available sessions below or contact us for a bespoke experience!

a tarp tent

Into the Woods

Could you survive in the woods if you found yourself lost?

This immersion day looks at

  • Shelter building,
  • Campfire cooking,
  • Simple foraging
  • Water sources and testing
  • Map reading
  • Team building games
  • And much more, and this can also be tailored to specific needs and habitats!

Cost £200

Click to contact us to book or for more info

Grow your own

Turn your grounds into a food forest, both for the children and for wildlife.

This can be done as a range of days through the year and can include,

  • Seed starting
  • Vegetable gardening
  • Building your own garden structures, for example mini greenhouses, raised beds etc
  • Companion planting
  • Wildlife gardening
  • Grow your own educational resources

Cost variable, dependent on numbers of days required. Click to contact us to discuss your needs.


Health and Wellbeing

These sessions are tailored completely to the needs of your setting, so will be planned in discussion with you, allowing for children’s choices and include activities that will support their health and wellbeing.

Cost is variable, please get in contact to discuss your needs.

“Amazing sessional ideas with great links to the curriculum.  The ideas could be used as they are or used and easily tweaked according to the learners.  Great ideas.  I will definitely use again in the future.”

B Jenkins


“Excellent programme of fantastic activities that relate to the yearly cycle in nature and culture.”

For the Year in the Outdoors Curriculum.

K Jones

“Relaxed, Friendly and informal”  

“A very good course, lots of different ideas of how to use and promote wellbeing in the outdoors”

“Nice that included wellbeing for us as educators”

Wellbeing in the Outdoors Course

stickman and his family

Literacy Days

These days are planned around a specific book, examples of ones we have done are the Gruffalo, Stickman, Superworm and The Explorer.

This immersion day looks at

  • Crafting and the Expressive Arts
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Adding authentic real life and meaningful experiences to their learning

Cost £200

Click to contact us to book or for more info

Wool in Wales

One of Wales’ biggest industries over the years.  This immersion day taps into Ellie’s knowledge and skill as a smallholder and yarn dyer, as well as avid crafter!

  • Looking at the history of Wool
  • Wool production and sustainable fashion
  • Wool uses
  • Crafting with wool, wild weaving, loom weaving, knitting using needles or a simple mill, crochet etc
  • For the older children in summer solar kiln dyeing
  • If run on the holding, meeting the sheep behind the Tyddyn Bryn Yarn collection

Cost variable dependent on resources selected.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Wildlife of Wales

This is another day that can be tailored to your needs, but can include,

  • Wildlife gardening
  • Building wildlife homes and feeding stations
  • Exploring your locale for wildlife on your doorstep
  • Setting up track traps
  • Supporting children to answer their questions about the nature on their doorstep
  • We also have rescued Hedgehog, Holly, who is blind but remarkably relaxed at meeting new people so she can come and help facilitate the day!

Cost £200

INSET, Courses and Site Development

We also offer a range of INSET, courses and site development options, click here to browse the options available or contact us to discuss your requirements

Policies, procedures, terms and conditions!

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“Curiosity is, in great and generous minds, the first passion and the last”

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