Site Development Work

Our Willow Dome on the Smallholding, planted winter 2019.

Maintained annually during the winter onths, with limited pruning in the summer to ensure it remains fuly useable.

Willow Fedge and Dome built in a large school grounds.  Using contrasting coloured basketry willows that will provide resources in the future for ongoing work on site.

Thank you to Ellie for our beautiful dome.  We are looking forward to working wih you to continue developing the site over the coming years.

Mrs Evans

Head Teacher

Willow Dome built on a farm for the grandchildren to use as a den, whilst the adults work on the allotment.

Diolch Ellie!

Our small people love their new den, particularly the hidden doors at the back!  It will help entertain them whilst we work and dry up the damper corner of the field.

Mamgu a Tad

Willow Fedge planted 2019 and maintain annually to shield and direct bees from the hive towards the woodlands away from heavily used areas of the gardens.

Pond discovery and clearance work with children in a local school (work remains ongoing)  The children and I have cut out and made a den area, built a bug hotel, maintained the weed and reed growth, and we are looking at more ways to develop this area in the coming months.

30 Metres of Fedging installed around a wildlife garden near Drefach

Tree and Mini Orchard Planting Project with a local school.

Over 100 Hedging trees awarded by the Woodland Trust Planted and guarded around the boundary of the main school field.  5 fruiting trees awarded by the Orchard Trust, planted to form a mini orchard for the children to eventually use the produce in the school to cook etc.

Some of our Willow Products in store. 

(please note these are seasonally produced so will only be available between December and the end of February)

If you would like to have us to site to support planning, designing or helping via project work, please drop us a line via the Contact Page in the top menu!

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