Are you a Teacher, Teaching Assistant, a Childcare provider, a Homeschooler, a Parent?

Are you looking for ways to support your children to develop a deeper connection to nature?

Look no further we have Activity Ideas, Session plans, Curriculum overviews and Resource packs to suit all sorts of needs!

Themed packs

Weekly, Monthly or Termly curriculum packs to support outdoor learning whilst continuing to provide the curriculum…

Guidance, extension packs and project work

Want to delve deeper into a topic, then we have booklets and extension packs to support additional learning…

Kit bags and resources

Are you looking for physical resources and kit bags….

Free Sample Theme Pack

A free sample of our weekly theme packs – pumpkins!

Also Scroll down and you will see there are other packs that are being offered for free!!!

“Amazing sessional ideas with great links to the curriculum.  The ideas could be used as they are or used and easily tweaked according to the learners.  Great ideas.  I will definitely use again in the future.”

B Jenkins


“Excellent programme of fantastic activities that relate to the yearly cycle in nature and culture.”

For the Year in the Outdoors Curriculum.

K Jones

“Amazing ideas, thoroughly educational, but fun fun fun.  Lovely natural sensory learning.  Easy to follow for parents and easy to do at home with the kids.”


Home Educator

weekly theme pack

Weekly Packs

Our selection of Weekly themed packs, each containing a session planner, resources pack and an overview.

Monthly theme pack

Monthly Theme packs

A month of session planners, resources and overviews to keep you and the kids busy!

temrly theme pack

Termly Theme Packs

A term’s worth of Planning, resources and overviews to keep you busy for 12 weeks!!

My girls were in their absolute element! So much fun, adventure and exploring in the outdoors.”

E Davies

Each pack contains….

Curriculum Overviews

These can be weekly, monthly or termly overviews to give you some ideas to get you going on a particular week of study, for a month or a term.

Session Plans

These are singular session plans for a week, or weekly ones for a month or term.

Resource Packs

These are weekly, monthly or termly resource packs to allow you to have everything to hand that you need barring the natural world and a few other resources to complete the session plans and provide additional activities to inspire the children.

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