Small World Play Weekly Theme pack


A weekly theme pack to support outdoor learning.  This pack contains:

  • An overview, giving curriculum areas, useful weblinks, activity ideas and useful national and international days in the calendar.
  • A forest school style session planner for an outdoor learning session, using flow learning, with links to both the English and Welsh Curricula.
  • A resource pack filled with all sorts of activities and ideas relevant to small world play outdoors.

This pack focuses on developing small world play in the outdoor environment, using the school grounds, your garden or the local parks and wild spaces, because all children love to create their own little worlds for imaginative play.

This pack encourages the children to explore their surroundings, nature and collect a variety of natural materials to use to develop their worlds.  It also encourages them to use a variety of recycled items often found for free.  The session plan allows time for free child led play, which if you have read Balanced and Barefoot is important to allow the development of strong confident children.  The session plan also allows children to develop their imagination and creative skills in designing a world for a specific set of animals or characters.  This learning pack can extend to many areas of the curriculum with many simple tweaks.

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