Well true to my busy form I have lapsed in the journaling again! We have still been going out and about and I continue to take photos and try to identify what we find, but I have failed to print, draw or write.

Here are a few of the photos I need to print to get into my journal!

Thank goodness the phone dates them all, which makes catching up easier when I get a chance! Plus I still need to identify the fungus/lichen M is pointing at and I will get the boys to either do stone rubbings or to draw their rock finds from the stream. W came back laden with pocketfuls of rocks. So many rocks in the house it is starting to resemble a rockery.

I also need to document the excitement of snow, which arrived on J’s birthday and stayed for a week plus! I need to note all the little visitors to our no regularly topped up bird feeders, the tits, robins, blackbirds, starlings, nuthatch, wren, sparrows etc. So many wonderful observations to write about.

I also forgot the pocket book on our walk to the stream. The boys were so happy playing with the rocks, throwing them in making splashes, finding nice smooth ones etc I could have done some sketching or writing to add into the journal!

Back to making up my go bag again I think so I have all we could need. collecting boxes, crayons, paper, pencils, pocketbook and the identification book, plus drinks and snacks! Although I could probably do with making myself a new little rucksack for this so it can remain permanently almost packed. A small, but sturdy one so it doesn’t encourage W to try and load me up with giant boulders!!

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