This week’s activity is using up something we all get plenty of each week! Loo Rolls or kitchen roll holders!! To make a super cute Dragon! (well it is Chinese New Year!)

You will need:

  • loo rolls aplenty
  • paper
  • pens/pencils/paint
  • string or wool
  • beads or acorns etc to poke holes in!
  • a stick

How to:

  • Cut and colour the various segments of toilet roll to make the bits of body and head of your dragon, cereal boxes make great wings too!!
  • Decorate your dragon with anything you would like, including adding googly eyes, though again circles of card in black/white and a ball of tape to separate the black and the white circles also works well!
  • Glue your dragon’s fire into his mouth, we have used a variety of things on ours including wool, paper, the odd found pipe cleaner.
  • Using a pointy pair of scissors poke holes, top side of each end of the body piece, top side of the neck end of the head, and body side of the tail end. Then four holes underneath where the legs will go.
  • Thread string through all the holes, joining body pieces together and tying knots, and creating dangly legs and tying them off.
  • Thread beads or seeds onto the ends of the legs.
  • Poke two additional holes one in the middle of the top of dragon’s head and one at the bottom of his tail.
  • thread string through both of these holes and tie securely.
  • Tie the other ends of the string to a stick you find out on your walk!
  • Then enjoy playing with your dragon puppet!
  • they make pretty good shadow puppets too!!

There is a Chinese New Year Weekly Theme pack in the shop. There are lots more dragons ideas in there and more!

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