So on all our walks this past few weeks I have hunted, as much as you can on a walk with two small mud and water obsessed children, for Hairy Bittercress! I have yet to find it….

In the fields, in the woods, or in the banks….

Navelwort or pennywort in abundance….

Baby cleavers…..

No hairy bittercress….

It has several mentions in John Lewis-Stempel’s Wild Food book, but doesn’t have a mention in Adele Nozdedar’s two books I have or Hedgerow Medicine. Wild say that it is one of the wild mustard family, and that in fact “A more appropriate name would be Not-so-hairy and pleasantly-mild spicycress.” It is full of Vitamin C, and can be eaten in a salad or the roots can be blended to make a horseradish like sauce.

Can you find it?

Do you like it?

Drop us a comment below!

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