Well Sunday it is Valentines day!!

This week I thought I would look at a few different ways of supporting children in making their own offerings for a loved one. This is a hot topic at the moment and one I thoroughly support, as basically no one wants my art work on their walls or in the envelope, they want the artwork of THEIR child!!

By all means curate the items they can use to create, paint colours, heart shaped sponges, certain collage items/precuts….

But here are a few ideas for the children that can be used land linked to the outdoors.

Wilder child has this wonderful activity, and you can achieve a lovely child completed result with minimal teacher doing, plus yay a trip out to find precious treasures!!!

Or you could have a go at making some paper hearts (using food colouring, shredded paper, water and heart shaped cutters)

Or finally have a go at a bit of heart weaving. You can warp a cardboard heart to make weaving loom. Or for younger children you could simply poke holes in the card heart for them to poke leaves and treasures they find into!

If you want more activities remember there is a Weekly Theme Pack for Valentines in the shop and its packed full of activities and ideas to entertain children in the outdoors, using natural resources.

Don’t forget you can come over and join the FB group and join in the discussion, get more ideas and inspiration and share ideas you have used with your children!

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