The Stick Book is a book by Jo Schofield and Fiona Danks.

What it is about…

It contains 70 things you can do with a stick! Divided into chapters, Adventure, Magic, Creative, Stick games, Sunny sticks, Musical Sticks, Watery sticks and Woodcraft and Wildlife.

How we use it…

I like to leave this book about for inspiration. If a child I work with is bored. It is a great inspiration book, with clear photos and a few instructions.

Some of the children I work with have taken inspiration and run with it themselves, others have asked for help and support to achieve their goals. Some have elaborated on the ideas in the book to suit their own ideas.

As a teacher going into other schools and having to adjust offered activities to the weekly themes or planning in the setting it has often given me a bit of inspiration about how to to adjust activities or revamp them entirely so I can fit in with the ideas of the specific setting.

What we think…

At £9.99 it is well worth having on the shelf or table. It is a great book for inspiration and ideas both for adults and the kids that purports to be bored!!

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