A hidden gem of a cove in West Wales close to Cardigan.

This beach is one of our favourites. The National Trust own the site and parking charges apply, but £4 for the whole day is pretty great and you get to wander over the clifftops and spot seals and dolphins too!

The day we went there were heaps of teeny barrel jellyfish washing up. So the boys spent ages hunting jellyfish and using their spades to pile them up in one place. (the stings from a Barrel are akin to that of nettles in strength but still unpleasant for small people so care was taken.)

The boys made drip sand castles.

A sand fort from which they did battle with sand bombs….

The older ones climbed on the rocks, swam and explored further.

We sculpted with stones.

Had a picnic lunch.

Then on the climb back up the cliffs, because there is a bit of a hike down and up we stopped for an ice cream in the little shop.

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