One of this week’s adventures has been Colby Woodland Garden down in Pembrokeshire!

Another little National Trust place nestled into a valley just past Tavernspite.

It was a very affordable day out! We took a picnic as usual, and entry is free, you only ay parking, which is £6 for the day, unless you are an NT member.

There is the woods, with lots of paths to explore and statues to hunt out, a wild flower meadow if you get it at the right time of year. We did not, they have mown it recently! Streams which are accessible to play in (so take changes of clothes!!)

There is a walled garden (where we found a beautiful willow sculpture of a bee). Now the boys want me to make them willow sculptures around here….. So I might be doing to serious willow weaving this winter!! Eek!!

All in all a lovely way to spend a Sunday!

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