So the first activity we have made is a bug catching activity, to be fair you can use any small objects you have!!

You will need:

  • An old washing basket
  • Wool or string
  • Tweezers, Tongs, barbecue grabbers etc
  • Small items, we used multi coloured plastic bugs!!

So to make it, it’s really simple, take a length of wool and wind it in and out of the holes creating a web, or laser beams as one of my children said!!

Drop the small objects in the bottom, pass the kids the grabbers and off they go!!

This activity develops a child’s fine motor skills, using tools or in the case of the smallest hands!! Tools can be decreased in size to make the activity harder, large plastic tweezers or even small tweezers to grab! Hey even chopsticks!! It also when you have more then one small person encourages social skills like turn taking.

If you are using coloured items like we have, maths comes in naming the colours, we also name them in English and Welsh! To ensure the boys language skills continue to develop!

Science or knowledge and understanding of the world come in with naming the bugs, which we also do in English and Welsh!! I have even managed to do the lists of vocabulary for you all in English and Welsh!

Twinkl also have loads of Minibeasts activities on their site, and for the next month its free for everyone to use using the code UKTWINKLHELPS at this site

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