After the success the other day of Cheerios games! I’ll add the photos here in case you missed them over on Instagram and Facebook!

We had a race to thread them onto spaghetti and then onto pipe cleaners to put out for the birds to nibble on!!

So we wanted to make more games!!

Out came the cotton balls, a bun tray, pens and some tongs!!

We coloured bits of paper for each part of the bun tin, then use the pen put coloured sprinkles on the cotton ball “cakes.”

We then had great fun putting the cakes in the tin with the tongs!!

In making the game together we have used our creativity skills, our colour naming ability and our pen control skills. In playing the game we have worked on fine motor skills, colour matching and naming and turn taking skills!!

What games have you been making in lockdown?? Come show us over on Facebook!!

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