So…. the children are still home…. and you have run out of paint!! Never fear!!

Hop on out for a walk and take something to collect things in!!! Nature is full of things that can be squashed and squished to make natural paint!!!

  • Berries is an obvious one!! Blackberries, cherries, strawberries etc all can be squished to make paint!!
  • Grass, add a little water and MASH!!
  • Dock leaves, scrunch them up and you can even just squeeze and smear them on the page for different effects
  • Mud
  • Flowers
  • Leaves, different leaves will make different colours!!
  • Herbs (for added sniff factor!!)

Some of the colours even change over time!! Blackberry paint starts deep purple and changes to a blueish purple over time!!

The main thing is to have fun, collecting and squashing and painting!!!

And don’t forget to call in on the Facebook page and show us what you have been up to!!

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