In a continuation of our #slownaturesunday I thought I would share with you some of my journal entries (and there will be more shared over on Instagram and Facebook!)

And the thing I have found with two small children 2 and 4 is you often don’t get the level of sit down time to draw when you are there, so I photograph a lot!!

I have also got two apps on my phone which help me to identify the plants species and often give me a few facts about the species too!!

The first is Seek from iNaturalist which is a free app, so has a few glitches but is basically not a bad app for identifying plants so far!

Then I have PictureThis a paid for app, so better at identifying than Seek, and it also stores your finds and you can tag them in your areas of garden or group them into an area walked! Which would be useful to find them again in future years to look or gather if out foraging! (This app was about £20 for a year’s subscription!)

I have also found that whilst the children might happily do rubbings and collect items to bring home for a nature table, pictures if not bagged or photographed fairly quickly will get repurposed by the children into flags or M’s favourite at the moment is scrunching!!

I have a separate little book now for my going out pack with a tin of crayons, pencils etc so when out if I get chance to draw I can and so can the children, but so far I am keeping my nature journal at home and adding to it in the odd quiet moment, with photos, notes and drawings!

I’m keeping notes and observations in my going out book and cutting them and sticking them across or rewriting them out. I guess I like my journal book to stay “neat” and don’t want it damaged, this may change over time!

Now off to identify this fungus we found in our woods yesterday and add it to my journal!!

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