In the whirlwind of preparations for returning to work this week the journaling slipped somewhat and I have lots to catch up on!

Some things I have to write up

This seems to be a really amazing year for acorns!!! Absolutely masses of them!!

A giant clam James found in the rock pools


I’ve tasted sea lettuce, apparently you can dry it and make in into a pesto too!!

Collecting hazelnuts sloes and rosehips, elderberries haven’t ripened fully yet…

I want to sit and draw a hazelnut nestled in its case.

I want to have a go at felting acorns to fit into the acorn caps! And maybe try acorn bread!!

I need to document how early autumn seems to have arrived this year and how the hazels are curling and turning colour.

And the golden light hour creeps ever earlier in the evenings…

Maybe I will find time this week to put pen and colours to paper!

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