When I went walking in the woods, a badger took my hand. He led me down the furthest path and there we found a band.

The hedgehog played the mandolin, the rabbit played trombone. The Fox he played the tambourine and the weasel the saxophone.

The forest animals gathered there played a melody so sweet. The others all just danced around the sight was such a treat.

Over by the old oak tree a table was set to eat. We dined on fruits and nuts and leaves, until a mouse have a squeak!

Atop the old oak tree he had spied, an unusual sight, eagle eyed….

For there standing in the tree was Super Acorn! Oh and his friend Sean!

The acorn people of Shirebrook Valley

This week we are mostly celebrating Roald Dahl week and telling some tall tales about the wild!!

Can you think of any??

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