The true first from our jar of adventures! Drawn in the morning and off we went!! This place is a hidden gem in the heart of Cardigan town (£15 for a family ticket and if you keep the ticket it’s valid for a whole year!!! Plus parking is free in Cardigan at the moment!)

There is so much to see, gardens, a house, medieval walls and towers, the site of the first eisteddfod there are many chairs to see! A pill box, a nature trail, an activity book for children, a veg garden, which they use to provide fresh produce for the cafe and a playground! Plenty to do and explore!

Plus I can wholeheartedly recommend the bakery on the high street too, Queens Bakery for a quick grab and go lunch or treat, or Crwst, or Basra Menyn and there are lots of little shops including U Melt Me which are lovely for a browse or to buy the odd gift!!

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