A quick outing today to a local park! And a fab way to run the kids round for an hour! We started with a wander along the park’s paths along the riverbank. Oak and ash line the banks interspersed with willows and the occasional horse chestnut.

The river was high after last nights rain and we took the opportunity to show our eldest the speed and signs of the river to make him aware of how fast the water runs and how much water there was in the river and stopped to listen to the rushing noise it made.

We collected conkers, from round one tree at the far end of the park, tried to repair a rope swing, looked at fallen acorns and crunched through the autumn leaves.

Before heading into the little play area for a climb, swing and spin! The play area has all sorts of fun towers and slides, seesaws, swings and a sort of wobbly roundabout! Great for physical challenge and sensory stimulation!

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