After our mission collecting conkers at the weekend and making conker soap we have dived into conker exploration and crafting!!

The conkers were explored using a bright light (the hand lens has gone for a wander)

Then out came the pipe cleaners!! And the drill!! We drilled the conkers to play a game of conkers, part drilled them to make conker creatures including this little guy, the conker spider!!

So to make the spider….

  • First part drill a conker, so drill as you would to thread it and stop about half way through! This hole should be on the bottom of the conker
  • Cut pipe cleaners into eight legs and bundle them together and insert them into the hole on the bottom of your conker
  • Bend and shape all the pipe cleaners into leg shapes
  • Carve holes or glue on googly eyes for the eyes

W reckoned these were angry eyes, I preferred the googly eyes!!

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