Bedd Arthur

Over the weekend we decided to use our jar of adventures again and Bedd Arthur was pulled out.

Bedd Arthur is supposed to the be the resting place of King Arthur and is situated in the Preseli Mountains not far from Foel Drygarn hillfort (which is in the jar to do another time!)

It is harder to find than some of our destinations, so we downloaded the OS App and took screenshots to help in case of no signal, but there was loads of signal so….

We parked up on the roadside at the base of what became clear was the steepest side, spoke to the peple emerging from their van at the base, who said they had come to climb for the crash site of a World War 2 plane.

Wondering if we would even manage to find Bedd Arthur we set off with our packs and the kids up the hill! The road starts at 240m the top is 390ish metres, and a good portion of that was scaled rather quickly before it levelled out and we meandered through the heather along the little path.  

The path was quite boggy in places and the boggy parts were very peaty.

This is the place the rocks for Stonehenge came from, the Preseli blue stones and with the lichens they really are beautiful.

The land on top of those mountains is covered in heathers and in summer must be packed with tiny bilberries to forage as the bushes were everywhere.  James found a few mushrooms he brought home to identify, as we dont eat anything unidentifed whilst out!  As Terry Pratchett once said, all mushrooms are edible once!

The boys did an amazing job of walking and scarmbling and exploring, in total walking just over three miles, and climbing the equivalent of 26 floors!  They were certainly wowed by the views and the rocks, and yes we did bring a chunk of rock back for the eldest’s blossoming rock collection!  I have even had to find my Rocks, Minerals and Fossils of the World book out for him to gaze at more rocks!

We wouldnt have found the place without the OS Maps App, Google Maps seems to think Bedd Arthur is in South Pembrokeshire!

If you want to read more on Bedd Arthur here is a link to more information

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