Bottle Gourd

This Week’s Theme in the planning is Harvest

There is a planner, resource pack and overview of activities over in the Shop.

This outlines lots of activity ideas, a full forest school style session plan which uses Flow learning and a resources pack, including an artist this week to be inspired by!

But here is an extra activity for you and hopefully the excess harvest!

Vegetable printing!

Stop just using the poor old spuds and try printing with all sorts of vegetables, chop them, carve them and see what fun can be had!  Each different one you use will have different shapes and textures, you could even try doing crayon rubbings of the skins of the fruits and veg if they have great textures, much like you would with the bark of a tree!


Painting with Vegetables
Painting with citrus fruits

But also remember if you are lucky enough to have excess this harvest, please pass some on the local food banks as they are struggling through all these lockdowns and difficult times and more and more people are relying on them to feed their families.

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