1. Climb a tree
  2. Sleep under the stars and star gaze (even in you own garden)
  3. Learn to swim
  4. Build a den or treehouse
  5. Find a geocache
  6. Go beach combing after a storm
  7. Fall off a bike
  8. Cook damper bread over a fire
  9. Camp out in the wild
  10. Play chase in the rain
  11. Make a water slide
  12. Find a cave and explore
  13. Catch a crab
  14. Catch a wave (jumping, body boarding or surfing)
  15. Make something from things you find in the wild
  16. Play in a stream
  17. Do something you are scared of
  18. Watch animals in the wild
  19. Roll or slide down sand dunes or a grassy slope
  20. Camp on the beach
  21. Build a sandcastle city
  22. Skim a stone
  23. Play pooh sticks
  24. Plant something and watch it grow
  25. Play with echoes
  26. Ride your bike on a wild trail
  27. Play flashlight tag
  28. Visit an island
  29. Go on a two day hike
  30. Play under a sprinkler
  31. Try snorkelling
  32. Climb a big rock
  33. Play out in the wild for a whole day
  34. Meet kids in the park and invent a game
  35. Paddle a kayak or canoe
  36. Dig for worms
  37. Catch a fish
  38. Visit a National park
  39. Catch a shrimp
  40. Play on a rope swing
  41. Make a kite and fly it
  42. Eat some foraged food
  43. Identify the birds in your back garden
  44. Go climbing as abseiling
  45. Catch a tadpole
  46. Make a mud pie
  47. Use a hand lens to spot minibeasts in the garden or on a pond
  48. Watch the sunset and sun rise
  49. Go puddle jumping
  50. Play conkers
  51. Dam a stream
  52. Set up a snail race
  53. Find some fungi
  54. Go barefoot
  55. Go fossil or bone hunting
  56. Climb a huge hill
  57. Go cloud watching
  58. Track a wild animal
  59. Make a wildlife home
  60. Explore a rockpool
  61. Nature journal
  62. And go on a walk using a map and compass

Is there anything you would add to the list?!?!

We now have it available in a free downloadable format here!!

Here’s a little gallery of some of the things we have done!!

Doesn’t the list make you think of all the things you did and loved as a child!!

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