So whilst we aren’t now on lockdown here in Wales as a whole, I thought I’d help out with a few of our activity favourites over the next few weeks for anyone entertaining the kiddos from home whether you are in lockdown or self isolation or if school is closed!

Getting outside not only improves our physical health but has enormous benefits for our emotional and mental health too!

This weekend we got out and walked down a bit of road we haven’t been down yet!!

Do you have any roads unexplored near you?? Get out and have a nosey!!

My eldest was concerned we might not know how to get home, so using my back pack of magic (always carries drinks, snacks, empty containers, notepaper and pens and pencils etc) we grabbed a container and starting to collect items along the way to make a trail!

You could also take some string and thread a trail of finds or find a stick and poke on or tie on interesting finds in the form of a journey stick!

Take paper and pens and draw a map…

Take sellotape and add some finds to your map….


Find new things.

Jump in the puddles.

Look underneath things.

Play pooh sticks.

Take a pair of binoculars and look at far away things.

What will you find today?

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