So I have been playing a bit of catch up with my nature journaling! 🙈 don’t look at the dates!!! Eek!!

I have however come to a realisation!

Yes we always take paper and pencils out…

No we don’t always get time to study and look at one thing…

We collect many things and bring them home and they sit on the nature table or get incorporated into play or crafts but sometimes, more often than not in this busy life we lead here (smallholding, 3 businesses, 2 small kiddos, livestock, land management, new building, volunteer work) a photo is much easier to take, an app easier to use, etc

It will change with time and I aspire to the hand painted beautiful nature journals of Charlotte Mason and so many over on Instagram… but for now a few sketches, notes collections and photos, this is my now… this is what makes my journal!

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