Each week this year I am hoping to write about one of the birds we have seen on the holding or on one of our excursions to the beach etc. Today is all about one of the nation’s favourite, the Robins.

Robins are probably one of the most recognisable British Birds and the most loved. Red and white breast feathers, under the brown top feathers, a small and often cheeky visitor.

We have had our bird feeders out again for a few weeks and we now have several robins visiting…. Although my photography needs some improvement and would probably be helped by me cleaning the windows! Oops!! The multitude of visiting robins can also cause a few territory issues, which is why we have installed a number of feeders about the place.

Robins are very friendly and clever little birds and we often find them following us when we garden, ready to dive on anything we unearth once our backs are turned, or sometimes not! They nest between March and July and we have seen a few babies over the time we have lived here, we think…. they are brown speckled birds, only the adults bear the red breast markings, but we often see rather ruffled young ones hopping about at the start of the summer! They nest wherever they fancy it seems! we made bird boxes a few years ago and have yet to find the sites for them, but one year the robin was definitely investigating the robin box on the shelf in the workshop!

Our robins love it when we chuck out crumbs of cheese for the bird table, but happily eat seeds, nuts, crumbs, and often the hips haws and berries of the hedgerows.

Have you ever wondered what a robin sounds like? Here is a website with all sorts of different types of call that a robin makes!

We will be doing the Big Garden Birdwatch this year. Will you? What might you see?

We will also have a weekly theme pack ready for the bird watching week!!

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