This week’s post is all about another common garden bird, the blackbird!

They are often found here around the base of the bird feeders, picking up the bits the messier small birds spread far and wide from the feeders. Or they are in the bushes shouting at us as we walk by that they have been disturbed! We have several about again we seem to border a few territories here and their songs at dawn and dusk are truly beautiful.

The males, as seen in the poorly executed photo of mine (yes still haven’t cleaned the windows!) are black with bright yellow beaks and the females are brown with brown beaks.

These birds also follow us around as we garden and sort ready to grab anything unearthed by our diggings! Though they stay further back then the cheekier robins and usually wait till be finish and return inside for lunch or move onto another area. They nest in March to July and prefer hedgerows, bushes or trees.

They like to eat grubs, worms, snails insects and fruit. This makes them a great accompaniment to the avid gardener, but they do like the seeds and nuts we put out over the winter months.

They have a beautiful song, have a listen!

How many will you see this week and where?

Have you seen the Big Garden Birdwatch? We are joining in are you?

We also have a bird watching theme pack in the shop!

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