Given the cold weather this weekend and the fact that it is the Big Garden Birdwatch this weekend (Have you signed up?? We have!!) This week is all about the birds!! The RSPB have a wealth of resources to support garden bird identification, through sounds, and what they look like!

So this week challenge you to set up some bird feeders!! seeds, nuts and even a little apple and sunflower number!

It is super easy to make all you need are sunflower seeds, an apple, some string and a stick.

Push the stick through the apple and poke in some sunflower seeds. Tie on the string and hang it up where you can watch them go!

This week’s pack is up in the shop and it is jam packed with ideas for helping out the birds, making feeders, tables, nest boxes and there is even a bird food recipe book included, as well as two session planners!

Don’t forget there is also a weekly post every Tuesday all about the birds we have here on the holding.

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