Now for one of my favourite birds, the wren.

This tiny little bird spends a lot of time picking over the wood piles in the barns, for her favourite foods spiders and insects. She is one our smallest birds, and sometimes seems so infinitely delicate. She sits on the walls singing her little song and is devilishly hard for me to photograph, as she is so nervous and my phone won’t let me zoom well….

Her song is really wonderful to listen to, and often she will sit and sing back and forth with the robin in the barn.

Last year she nested in one of the holes in the wall in the barn, and I am hoping she will do so again this year! The fluffy babies fledging was fun if a brief moment to watch.

She is also often seen in the Veg patch, particularly round the Brassicas we forget to cover, as she loves to eat caterpillars.

Have a listen to the wren’s song here.

Have you seen the Big Garden Bird watch? Are you joining in?

We also have a birdwatching pack in the shop.

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