It is National Storytelling week!

What are your favourites?

Where is the best place to tell a story? Round the camp fire? Cosy on the sofa or in bed? In a blanket fort?

Well that depends on the story!!

But a great way to tell a story is to walk it through and there are so many stories that lend themselves to this! We’re Going on a bear hunt, Walking through the Jungle, The street Beneath my feet…..

Get Out with the talks about a series of walking books for the children called Making Tracks. these contain child friendly maps of areas and walks of two to three miles, and have all sorts of points of interest along the way to keep the children interested. There is only one problem with these books….. there aren’t any for Wales! Or many regions for that matter….

These could form the basis of telling a story for your child when they return. Telling the story of their walk or day. Telling and retelling stories help children to make sense of the world around them, things that have happened. Telling and retelling stories about themselves help them to develop memory skills. Retelling events allows children to engage their front brain particularly if they are retelling stories about something that has happened to them like a fall or if something has scared them. they will then be more able to process information, that maybe they did not do so well the first time around.

But all this has given me an idea…

What if we map out our own local routes with our children, then share them, say a photo of the map we make. Photos of the route. Tell the story of the route. Hide painted rocks for friends to find along the route. With clues on the map like beware of the dragon or can you see the fairies. Then share these in a group so our friends can do these walks too.

We cant meet up at the moment, but maybe this could help us to form and maintain connections?

We might find new places? Notice new things?

I have started a Facebook group here. Come over and join in the fun and share your favourite walks and hidden gems!

Remember as well there is a Storytelling week pack now live in the shop! If you join the group there might be a coupon for you to grab it free!!

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