We have reached the end of February, the weather has been awful this past week with many people nearby here experiencing yet more flooding. We are a couple of months away from Christmas now, and summer still feels way off, combined with ongoing lockdown measures which here in Wales started well before Christmas, things just feel a little harder this time around….

Here are a few things that have helped me these past couple of weeks to reconnect, take a moment or just observe…

  • Listening out for the birds singing (and they are doing this slightly longer every day)
  • Look out for the rainbows in the sky, if there is any sunshine and rain somewhere there is a rainbow! 🌈
  • Plan for your spring and summer garden, sow seeds, draw pictures get plants
  • Open your windows and let the fresh air in (we have had a few days recently of glorious sunshine and more set to come our way, on these days you can literally smell the impending spring!)
  • Visit a pond and look out for frogspawn
  • Create little areas indoors, I recently blogged about bringing the outdoors in and how house plants, aromatherapy and a few other things help to restore balance and mindset
  • The trees are starting to spring into life! Look out for catkins! And pussy willows!
  • Look out for those little green shoots poking through the earth, signs of flowers, wild garlic, new growth.
  • Look out for lambs in the fields, some farmers near here have been lambing a while now so as the days become warmer, dryer, more of them will be letting them into the fields

A post I read recently wrote a few further ideas…

  • “Collect a list of post virus ideas of things you would love to do, people you want to see and moments you long to have
  • Create a treat list for each season; a hot chocolate with a flake, a new pastel candle for Spring, an evening star gazing in the garden, a clay afternoon with friends, ordering new seeds to grow and admire…start with whatever lights you up and find the joys in the season
  • Plan some spring or Easter crafts to do” (keep an eye out for the Easter theme pack coming soon!)

I have recently published a gardening for the senses weekly theme pack if you are hunting ideas for improving your outdoor spaces this year! And this week’s wildlife journalling pack contains an added bonus of the nature journalling booklet I wrote!

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