Another summer adventure we have been on was a trip to Wiseman’s Bridge near Saunderfoot.

Originally the plan was the beach of my husband’s childhood memories, Coppet Hall, Saundersfoot but the car park was rammed and the place was more than teeming with people! So we carried on along to Wiseman’s Bridge.

We parked easily and for free!!!

The beach was rocky at the top with plenty of steps down or ramped accesses.

The tide was out. So the array of rock pools was at its best. The lower shore was sandy, with some areas of quick sand, which signs by the roadside warned us of!

There are beautiful cliffs, to both sides and facing the sea on the left side of the beach the cliffs have little caves and there are beautiful plateau’s of rock pools in front! Including the biggest rock pool I have seen in a while!

This beach was truly a delight to explore! We hunted the rock pools and found fish and red anemones, small crabs and all sorts of fun beasties. The boys collected rocks and shells, built sandcastles with rock fortifications. They used small rocks as cannon balls to knock down their castles.

We will most definitely be visiting this beach on a regular basis!!

We took our usual array of trucks, buckets, blankets and tent. We took a picnic lunch and a little cash for ice cream, there was a little bus style ice cream van up towards the tunnel to Coppet Hall beach selling Sidoli’s ice cream, which was pricey but worth it! At the other end of the beach is the Wiseman’s Bridge Inn, so a few people were enjoying an ice cold beer on the beach come the afternoon!

Just the other side of the road from the beach is a small camping and caravan site too if you wanted to overnight there!!

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