Look what we have been finding!!

Frogs and Toads!!!

So we started to read the storybook Frog and Toad! (We have the compendium style book!)

I do LOVE these stories, they help each other, cheer each other up and on and are great friends who have a few little adventures along the way! They are simple and delightful stories.

Now some of you may know that I also knit! (Crochet, sew, dye yarn, design knitwear…. Ok so I am a bit of a craft a holic!)

But I have found the most glorious knitting pattern for frog and toad!! And some of their clothing!!

Shall I get the pattern and knit some up? For Forest school, or if anyone might want a set for Xmas? And maybe dye up some of the yarn from our own sheep for making them?

After all “reading is dreaming with your eyes open!!”

All this reminds me that we really need to get digging on a few small wildlife ponds I’ve had in the planning for what feels like an age!! Maybe soon, after we finish the hedgehog palace and lay a hedge or two!

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