So tis the season for gift buying and giving!!

But what about looking at buying kids outdoorsy gifts?? Encouraging them to get outside even on the rainy days stops them from merely tolerating the bad days waiting for the good! Being outdoors whatever the weather encourages resiliency and is great for their physical health and well-being.

So what could you get for an outdoorsy gift??

Waterproofs!!!!! We love the salopettes variety with boots and a coat. They offer far more protection from the elements than trousers do!! Especially if you have a mud sliding kiddo!! 😂

We even have them for the grown ups!!! Great for sledging in too!! Lidl often also do the lined ones for the kids at a great price!!

Build a mud kitchen!!! This can be as big or small as you want, a washing up bowl,a few pallets, an old sink, an old microwave or oven rings… lots of old pots and pans spoons etc (the whole family could add a bit!!)

Dressing up gear!!! Get them explorer outfits!!!

Tools!! Gardening tools, small versions of real tools for woodworking (stored safely of course) our kids love to help with all sorts of outdoor tasks!!

Bug hunting or other sorts of hunting kits!! We have some available on our Etsy shop

We also love Go Find It the scavenger hunt card game!!

A flower press!! Invaluable for squishing and squashing some of your nature finds!!

Chunky chalks!!! Great for outdoor drawing and colouring!!

Build a bug hotel with them!!

Get hand lenses or if funds allow a kiddos microscope! Let them explore their finds in DETAIL!!!

Slides…. Swings…. Loose parts of tyres and planks nothing needs to cost a fortune! But it could all make a big difference to the outdoor experiences of the kids!!

What would you buy for an outdoorsy kid?? Or as an outdoorsy adult or kid what would you want to receive??

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