So we like to preserve Nature’s bounty in lots of ways round here. We can, we jam, we bottle and brew, but one thing we love doing is making balms. This does everything balm harnesses the properties of Lavender, Plantain, Calendula and Rosemary. It smells and feels AMAZING!!!!


Lavender flowers

Plantain leaves

Calendula flowers


Oil (we used coconut for this batch)

Beeswax (at a ratio of 1 beeswax to 7 oil)


Collect your herbs, prepare and then blitz them with a blender.

Set up a Bain Marie

Add your oil and if using coconut melt it into a liquid

Add your blitzed herbs

Leave to warm infuse as long as you can, ideally until the oil really takes on the colours you have added.

Strain the oil through a sieve, pressing gently if needed.

Add the oil back to the bain marie with the correct ratio of beeswax, warm and stir until the wax has melted.

Pour into containers and leave to cool and solidify.

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